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When things don’t go exact­ly as planned

What could be worse than having tho­rough­ly pre­pa­red an event that in the end, doesn’t go as you had plan­ned? Let’s see. Plan­ning. What a com­for­table word, but for some, this word can be syno­ny­mous with a loss of free­dom. Plan­ning can empo­wer some people and take power away from others. Some­times against their will, but some­times with full knowledge.

Make no mis­take, the world is a much stron­ger place when we work toge­ther, but do we know that? Our indi­vi­dual matu­ri­ty seems to have led us into a world where hel­ping each other becomes dif­fi­cult. Not because we don’t want to help each other, rather on the contra­ry. I think people want to help each other, but do we still know how to do that? We can increa­sin­gly manage our public image through social media, and that may actual­ly dif­fer from who we real­ly are.

In my opi­nion, the fear of losing face has never been more present. I think it’s high time for us to once again learn how to exchange ideas on sen­si­tive sub­jects, without the inten­tion of rea­ching a una­ni­mous deci­sion, but sim­ply to exchange per­cep­tions and inter­pre­ta­tions. In this way, we can les­sen the gap bet­ween us and learn to bet­ter orga­nise our collaborations.


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