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When pat­terns are all we have

There are some fun ways to be able to guess future tags. Let’s have a look. For almost 200 blog posts, I have been brow­sing social net­works to see what people are pas­sio­nate about. I must admit, it’s not par­ti­cu­lar­ly enligh­te­ning, in my humble opi­nion. Music, sport, music, sport, and so on and so on. Then let’s add some themes of dis­sa­tis­fac­tion, ani­mals, etc. If these kind of topics on the inter­net were items of food, we would call them emp­ty calo­ries. These themes help pass time and help the minutes tick on, taking us from our mor­ning alarm to the first meal of the day, and then to the other two meals, and then to sleep.

The days pass by, the sea­sons and the years go by. And there’s abso­lu­te­ly nothing wrong with this. But in my opi­nion, holi­days and com­me­mo­ra­tive days are so much more impor­tant than these popu­lar tags, but like fast food, my scep­ti­cism leads me to believe that sur­veys that direct­ly ask ques­tions about mora­li­ty will get more saints than the metrics plat­form can pro­vide. Let’s put taboo pro­ducts and ser­vices like por­no­gra­phy in this bas­ket. A confir­med sup­ply and consump­tion, but invi­sible consu­mers who are asha­med to confess.

So, Hap­py Hal­lo­ween, and make this holi­day count for you.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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