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When the bat­tle is fierce

Cats have a tough bat­tle on their hands on Twit­ter, let’s see what’s hap­pe­ning. Cats are still on the agen­da for today, howe­ver, let’s find some­thing fun to talk about. On Natio­nal Dog Day, the tag cir­cu­la­ted for 48 hours, which is quite rare. For cats, the tag was used for 24 hours and today, the text “Natio­nal Cat Day” is still active. What does this mean? Well, it makes me think that I pay a lot of atten­tion to hash­tags, just like I spoke about in this post https://coachdanny.ca/2019/02/18/familyday/ and I find it amu­sing that people adopt a cause and create a buzz around it, but do not ful­ly unders­tand the use of the hash­tag. But this detail is rather tri­vial, it main­ly shows us that more and more people are fol­lo­wing in the foots­teps of social net­works, and that even if norms and dog­mas are not unders­tood and are applied, this is still evol­ving fur­ther than we would like.

So wel­come to all of you on the inter­net. Make sure you dis­co­ver, share, exchange and above all, express your­self. Let’s take advan­tage of what we have today, the future is never cer­tain, even if we would like it to be so.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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