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When you ask your­self: How many mb in a gb?

Here is a lit­tle series of posts which cover the most Goo­gled ques­tions on the inter­net. Most of these ques­tions I will not be able to ans­wer here, although I can offer a res­ponse if I hap­pen to have one. The main idea of this series is to have a bit of fun dis­cus­sing why people ask these ques­tions so often.

Fun­ny that I should come across this ques­tion, as my daugh­ter asked me this only last week. It sur­pri­sed me coming from her, and I must admit that I was just as astoun­ded to find it fre­quent­ly sear­ched on Google. It’s pos­sible that these searches are made by kids who don’t yet ful­ly unders­tand the sub­ject but are inter­es­ted as they are gro­wing up in the digi­tal age, but for anyone else, seriously?

Kilo, méga, giga? Do these mean nothing to you? What are we even taught in school? This is the inter­na­tio­nal sys­tem of mea­su­re­ment. Here is a small excerpt from Wiki­pe­dia on the ety­mo­lo­gy of the pre­fixes used:

  • tera- : from the Greek τέρας, teras, « monster »
  • giga- : from the Greek γίγας, gigas, « giant »
  • ega- : from the Greek μέγας, megas, « large »
  • kilo- : from the Greek χίλιοι, chi­lioi, « thousand »
  • hec­to- : from the Greek ἑκατόν, heka­ton, « hundred »
  • déca- : from the Greek δέκα, deka, « ten »
  • déci- : from the Latin deci­mus, « tenth »
  • cen­ti- : from the Latin cen­tum, « hundred»
  • mil­li- : from the Latin mille, « thousand »

So now that you have read this post you know that a thou­sand megas make a giga, a mil­lion megas make a tera etc.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Hei­di Dew­hirst: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidi-virginia-dewhirst-142983a4/

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