How Cana­da manage social media

Well, today I will make an excep­tion and go with this tag that is not tren­ding as I expec­ted. For more than a week now I’m loo­king at tren­ding tags world­wide, in the US and in Cana­da and I must say, I’m quite sur­pri­sed how social media are tren­ding in Cana­da. Let’s dive into this. As you may know, I’m Cana­dian. For a long time, I scan the inter­net as a new ground unders­tan­ding human. Some­thing inter­es­ting is the way we use social media here. I don’t think we get how hash­tags could help us on spe­cial topics. I see the inter­net as a huge fami­ly. There are some tough times and there are some great times. But some­thing more impor­tant comes out of it, the sha­ring. The Inter­net is a place of sha­ring of pas­sions, emo­tions, ideas, and opi­nions. Like a fami­ly, that doesn’t have any­thing to do with blood, the inter­net is a place where we learn to know each other and where eve­ryone influence eve­ryone, no mat­ter if we consi­der this a good or a bad thing. So Cana­dian folks, today is our fami­ly day in Cana­da, let’s start using this tag and why not plan on using them for the others spe­cial days. I tell you, you will like it.


I’m Dan­ny (aka Coa­ch­Dan­ny). I have a pas­sion: humans. Come with me and take this minute eve­ry day to explore what’s going on today and why is it tren­ding. Click here to get your dai­ly thought right on time for break­fast.

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