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When we face the unknown

It’s nor­mal to fear the unk­nown. But let’s see why it’s good. The unk­nown. We know that being able to pre­dict the future helps us secure our basic needs. The unk­nown, on the other hand, comes to put these needs in dan­ger. It removes this pro­jec­ted secu­ri­ty. I come from the North Ame­ri­can middle class. My jud­ge­ment is influen­ced by the rea­li­ties from which I come, but my logi­cal mind is suf­fi­cient­ly sharp to detect and cor­rect this jud­ge­ment. It is by recon­nec­ting with our basic needs that we come to grasp the rea­li­ty of eve­ry human being on earth.

Far be it from me to sug­gest that I unders­tand all of huma­ni­ty, but some pat­terns do not lie. From these pat­terns, we remove models that we try to com­pare in order to give our­selves clues for the ans­wers to human beha­viour. Then, if these beha­viours, both inside and out, gene­rate conflict or not.

The pre­sence of conflict allows us to remove our incli­na­tion towards dog­ma­tism and real­ly look into the well-being of the per­son. It is from this moment that we become aware that the unk­nown is gene­ral­ly only uncer­tain­ty, and that it is enti­re­ly pos­sible to safe­ly manage this uncertainty. 


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com 

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