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When a circle becomes a spiral

You will have unders­tood by now that I like ana­lo­gies, here is ano­ther one you can get your teeth into. Think about it a lit­tle bit. The good thing about a three-dimen­sio­nal world is that the third dimen­sion is actual­ly often for­got­ten. Whe­ther on paper, on a screen, or even in our minds, these first two mediums have somew­hat dis­tor­ted the third.

I was tal­king to you yes­ter­day about the fee­ling of going round in circles. Well, it is pos­sible that a circle is, in rea­li­ty, a spi­ral seen from above (or from below:o)) This reminds me of the riddles we made up when we were small. We would draw some­thing seen from above and ask our friends to guess what it was, without of course spe­ci­fying that they consi­der the view from above. And now, as adults, we regu­lar­ly for­get to think about seve­ral dimensions.

Of course, on paper, even on a screen, model­ling some­thing in three dimen­sions is not the norm. It’s not as plea­sant for the eyes and it makes the gra­phics less pret­ty. But it is pre­ci­se­ly our eyes that limit us in our por­trayal of cer­tain things.

To be continued…


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