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When the future is now

To conti­nue on from Wednesday’s tag, we tal­ked about the rea­son for my back­log in blog posts. Let’s go back to that. Tran­si­tio­ning bet­ween waves of clients has been one fac­tor in my delayed post­ing, but it is not the only one. The Sys­tem itself has been a rea­son for the pro­blems as well. For many, sum­mer­time is a time for holi­days, but for those who conti­nue to work, they must get things in order so that they can make pro­gress. I told you all that I had been part­ly temp­ted by the Sys­tem and had taken some time off from post­ing, and I have cer­tain­ly paid the price. It tried by all means to take all my ener­gy and I some­times suc­cum­bed against my will.

The Sys­tem is very power­ful. It is the sum of all of the indi­vi­duals that make it up. The only way to wea­ken it is to remove it from its only source of ener­gy; its serfs. Put­ting things back in their place made me rea­lise how easy it is to get car­ried away by the System.

And so, that is the second rea­son for my delayed posts, but there are more. I’ll leave those for ano­ther day.

To be continued…


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