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When cha­ri­ty work can take many forms

How do you do cha­ri­ty work? In my case, here’s how. For me, cha­ri­ty is a cha­ri­ty that pre­serves digni­ty. In my opi­nion, digni­ty is very impor­tant, because it allows us to main­tain a rela­tion­ship bet­ween equals. People who give up their digni­ty would poten­tial­ly find them­selves in an infe­rior situa­tion and would find it even more dif­fi­cult to reach a solu­tion. It is also a cha­ri­ty that makes itself avai­lable, but without impo­sing or even pre­sen­ting itself. It is on this thin line where we can find res­to­ra­tive charity.

Some will see cha­ri­ty work as life­sa­ving, I’ll leave that to them. This form of cha­ri­ty does have its place, but it is for figh­ting emer­gen­cies. It is also the easiest to reco­gnise and the most obvious to achieve. It takes all kinds of forms, but it is a short-term emer­gen­cy solu­tion, a simple meal in an area that doesn’t even have food.

The cha­ri­ty I am tal­king about is the one which allows for growth. It is the conta­gious cha­ri­ty that will even­tual­ly make the reci­pient a donor. It is in wri­ting these words that I ima­gine one day rea­ding some­thing from one of you and seeing toge­ther that we can reach twice as many readers.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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