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When a tag suits us

I’m left-han­ded, but what does this real­ly change? Let’s have a look. Today, we high­light Lef­than­ders Day. In my case, the day I rea­li­sed I was left-han­ded was when it was actual­ly poin­ted out to me. I was told, “Hey, you’re left-han­ded.” A part of me didn’t want to be. I felt like I had been label­led and that made me dif­ferent. Had I cho­sen this? For me, this was natu­ral. I didn’t feel like I’d had the “choice”, that this choice was deba­table. I was born like this and using my right hand would have been unnatural.

At one point in time, being left-han­ded was even asso­cia­ted with being “bad”. We had to try to conform and use our right hand. But what harm was there to using your left hand? I never hurt anyone. Well, it did hap­pen at a res­tau­rant once when I elbo­wed my right-han­ded neigh­bour, but this pro­blem was not a big deal and we learnt to adapt to each other. Ask a right-han­ded per­son to write with their left hand and they’ll unders­tand. The only pro­blem with right-han­ded people is that they are in the majority.

Don’t you think that this article would apply to seve­ral visible minorities?


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