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Today some­thing hap­pe­ned that should never hap­pen. Let’s think about this. Patrick Bigras was a police offi­cer from the pro­vince of Que­bec in Cana­da. We dis­co­ve­red that he ter­mi­na­ted his life ten years after dis­co­ve­ring one of the worst crime ever com­mit­ted in the pro­vince. I had the chance to contri­bute to an orga­ni­za­tion that takes care of post-trau­ma­tic pro­blems of police offi­cers. How hor­rible it is that mur­de­rers are still killing people even after being pla­ced in prison.

Like the mili­ta­ry, law enfor­ce­ment is also sub­ject to this dra­ma­tic post-trau­ma­tic syn­drome. The vast majo­ri­ty of the popu­la­tion will never expe­rience such a bad expe­rience. Can you remem­ber your worst memo­ry? The one that is so vivid in your mind that it seems to be yes­ter­day. Even if it hap­pe­ned years ago. Why can’t we remem­ber small things like our last wee­kend visit to the gro­ce­ry but can remem­ber these situa­tions? The ans­wer is that they are prin­ted using an inten­se­ly emo­tio­nal pro­cess. This pro­cess made some che­mi­cal change in our brain that lite­ral­ly car­ved this memo­ry in our brain so we can reco­gnize it in future and try to avoid it as a poten­tial dan­ger. This is the same rea­son why we less remem­ber joy­ful memo­ries than dra­ma­tic memories.

Mis­ter Bigras had to live with this memo­ry, a recall that was not his, for the rest of his life. Even medi­ca­tions are not strong enough to erase this kind of images of our brain. I send my most deep condo­lence to his fami­ly, and I please each of us to encou­rage sup­port to these people who pro­tect us and take care of the dir­ty job we don’t want to do. They are the true heroes of our society.


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