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When moti­va­tion is an eve­ry­day challenge

Take time to read my pre­vious posts. They are impor­tant to the unders­tan­ding of this thread. Some­thing I find chal­len­ging in my new life­style is the inte­gra­tion with the sys­tem. I’m not set yet if an inter­me­diate layer is bet­ter than full inte­gra­tion. I won’t detail this here but unders­tand that the sys­tem makes you part of it. Wor­king 9to5, wai­ting for your vaca­tions and ulti­ma­te­ly for your reti­re­ment is some­thing the majo­ri­ty of the sys­tem would wish for.

Some people who escape the sys­tem talk about a life mixed with all the steps of life at the same time. It makes me think that some people eat their meal in sequence, in a round-robin or all mixed. Some people also keep their favou­rite stuff for the end.

Life is a bit like this. Child­hood, schoo­ling, work, reti­re­ment. Veg­gies, meat, bread, cheese. Or we could live a life where we try to have fun, stu­dy, make money and rest in a rota­tion way. Or, from child­hood to death, we could have fun trying new ways to make money enough to live our life without get­ting exhaus­ted and risk to get sick.

All these models are avai­lable today. Can we live toge­ther using dif­ferent models in a single socie­ty? Who knows…

To be continued 


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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