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When two sys­tems fight for existence

What a title J These days, the sys­tem and my new life­style fight for power. My digi­tal free­dom brawls hard to sur­vive, but the pre­vious cham­pion, the sys­tem, will not let its place that easy. In my head and my heart, it is an eve­ry­day conflict to resist going back to the star­ting point. This place where eve­ry­thing tastes the same. This place where eve­ry day is the same. Days cycled through repea­ting weeks. It is not the life I want. My men­tors sho­wed me the world of light, and it is so bright, so warm and good that I don’t want to go back.

But the sys­tem has its tricks. It knows my flaws. It knows them pret­ty well. Eve­ry hour of a single day it tries to get me back. The sys­tem doesn’t like to lose its slaves. Doing this alone is the har­dest way to do it. Don’t be foo­led; I’m not saying that I’m a super human. I find it damn hard. Some­times I fall on the ground. I stand on my knees pushing the ground with my arms. I take a deep breath. I stand up fast and scream. I yell to the sys­tem that I can do it. I shout that it is what I want. I calm myself brea­thing 2-3 times dee­ply. I conti­nue my trip until I walk far enough, so the gra­vi­ty of the sys­tem has wea­ke­ned enough to be just a sad memory.

To be continued


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