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When poli­tics comes to my blog

What? Did I not say before that I wouldn’t touch on poli­tics? Real­ly? In fact, I never men­tio­ned this on my blog, howe­ver, I did in fact men­tion it on my vlog. And yes, I star­ted an expe­ri­men­tal vlog before star­ting up this blog. I wan­ted to test this chan­nel. In fact, I kind of miss the time when I did that. I had pro­du­ced a hun­dred vlogs that I final­ly remo­ved from the inter­net due to a lack of qua­li­ty. On the other hand, I loved tes­ting this pro­cess. It was, accor­ding to me at the height of seve­ral pod­casts, but it in fact lacked an impor­tant ele­ment; a side­kick with whom to exchange ideas. This creates a dyna­mic that is hard to beat.

But before clo­sing, this tag is about a conten­der for the post of Prime Minis­ter of Cana­da; Andrew Scheer. I have nothing for nor against him. On the other hand, I wan­ted to jump on the oppor­tu­ni­ty where this tag see­med to make me ques­tion myself on the real impact that such a tag would have on a poli­ti­cal cam­pai­gn, espe­cial­ly here in Cana­da. But I’ll leave that topic for ano­ther day!


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