When the disease is some­thing distant

Today runs the Rare­Di­sea­se­Day tag. Rare means that the odds that it strikes you are low until it becomes a com­mon plague. But why do we have a tag about this? Let’s think about it. Adam Smith tal­ked about it in its less popu­lar book, The theo­ry of moral sen­ti­ments. He explains pret­ty well that empa­thy we have towards a close one stoke by disease in com­pa­ri­son with a vague per­son we know, dis­tant in our rela­tion­ship circle are very dif­ferent. I’m pret­ty sure you get the point and unders­tand that empa­thy varia­tion is the main fac­tor in moti­va­tion regar­ding rare disease cure. These diseases don’t have a good expo­sure to gene­rate empa­thy in our sur­roun­ding and cure research are not popu­lar enough to attract invest­ment and busi­ness due to the low ROI they represent. Incre­dible as it may sound, the health indus­try is by desi­gn, not more than a huge busi­ness field that ans­wers to offer and demand law. Poli­tic may ans­wer a bit bet­ter to this rea­li­ty, but let’s not be too enthu­siast, the poli­tic world has its own set of rules that are not bet­ter in a moral point of view. The last chance is social net­work awa­re­ness, rai­sing the best it can the empa­thy of people that are not aware of what vic­tims of those disease are endu­ring day after day.


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