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When we’re loo­king for comfort.

Lis­te­ned while wri­ting this post, try while rea­ding it :o)

This post is the twen­ty sixth in a series reflec­ting on the mea­ning of life and the impor­tance of this ques­tion. These posts should be read in the order they are publi­shed as, star­ting at the 6th for example, dear rea­der, will mean the whole thing makes no sense. Hap­py reading!

I must say that this method is the most effi­cient, but there is ano­ther way, and this is by edu­ca­ting our chil­dren. In pro­vi­ding them with basic pro­blem-sol­ving skills and tools, we can give them somew­hat of an advan­tage in life- so long as they retain some of what we tell them! Sim­ply put, lear­ning pro­blem-sol­ving and solu­tions from others gives our off­spring a head start. 

Pro­blem-sol­ving and lear­ning. Two concepts which are, for the most part, avai­lable to all. And these two concepts bring us back to our afo­re­men­tio­ned ana­ly­sis. When we ana­lyse the models we have built, we are loo­king for loo­pholes because, accor­ding to our way of thin­king, any loo­phole repre­sents a threat to our sur­vi­val. These days, in tech­no­lo­gi­cal­ly advan­ced civi­li­sa­tions, sur­vi­val and com­fort are very often lin­ked and a loss of com­fort can be kicks­tar­ted in many ways.

A loss of com­fort will first­ly present as the acqui­si­tion of discom­fort. The word ‘dis­com­fort’, whe­ther phy­si­cal or psy­cho­lo­gi­cal, is more often than not asso­cia­ted with notions of only minor suf­fe­ring. Com­fort itself is defi­ned, among­st other things, by a col­lec­tion of com­mo­di­ties and ame­ni­ties which contri­bute to phy­si­cal well-being, and can equal­ly be defi­ned by intel­lec­tual, psy­cho­lo­gi­cal and moral peace of mind- attai­ned by the remo­val of all preoccupation.

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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Hei­di Dew­hirst: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidi-virginia-dewhirst-142983a4/

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