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When you ask your­self: How many people are in the world?

Here is a lit­tle series of posts which cover the most Goo­gled ques­tions on the inter­net. Most of these ques­tions I will not be able to ans­wer here, although I can offer a res­ponse if I hap­pen to have one. The main idea of this series is to have a bit of fun dis­cus­sing why people ask these ques­tions so often.

8 bil­lion. And in Cana­da? 35 mil­lion. In the US? 350 mil­lion. In Que­bec? 8 mil­lion. These num­bers are approxi­mate- some will be a lit­tle higher in rea­li­ty, and some a lit­tle lower. These are just the num­bers I can recall from memo­ry. I’ve never found it use­ful to know the exact num­ber of some­thing which varies over time in too ran­dom a man­ner. We can, howe­ver, say that the num­ber of coun­tries in the world is 195- this num­ber doesn’t vary too much from day to day or indeed from one year to the next. 

Out of all these num­bers, the only one I had to check was that of the num­ber of people in the US. I had been recal­ling a num­ber which has not been accu­rate for a good 25 years! So a lit­tle update was requi­red 😄 On the other hand in regards to the popu­la­tion, the change in per­cen­tage increases does not ali­gn with the size of the num­ber, but rather with other fac­tors of which the most signi­fi­cant, in my opi­nion, is the strength of the eco­no­my. My theo­ry, and this does vary on mul­tiple levels, is that if the eco­no­my is going well we allow our­selves to have chil­dren, and that if the eco­no­my is strug­gling- well we also end up pro­crea­ting. Inter­es­ting, eh? Roll on the advent of an AI robot who will confirm all of these ideas in the frac­tion of a second!


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Hei­di Dew­hirst: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidi-virginia-dewhirst-142983a4/

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