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When you ask: When is Father’s Day?

Here is a small series of posts that cover the most asked ques­tions on Google. Most of these ques­tions won’t be ans­we­red here. Howe­ver, I might, for fun, give an ans­wer if I per­so­nal­ly know it. It’s most­ly to have fun with why people ask so many questions.

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No, actual­ly, let’s talk about this holi­day. At the risk of being accu­sed of ste­reo­ty­ping, Father’s Day could see its name revi­sed accor­ding to the image we’ve made of it. The father figure, once again, deta­ched from the concept of a bio­lo­gi­cal father, could represent the other side of the coin that we cove­red with Mother’s Day. In my opi­nion, Mother’s Day was sym­bo­li­zed by a form of empa­thy, the emo­tio­nal aspect of a human being, while Father’s Day could sym­bo­lize a form of confi­dence in one’s abi­li­ty to survive.

On an indi­vi­dual basis, these two concepts may seem easy to sepa­rate, but when you actual­ly do it, I can confirm that it is quite difficult.

In fact, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sym­bo­lize the enti­re­ty, no mat­ter how you divide it up, of the per­so­na­li­ty traits, skills, know-how, that define us. These two holi­days under­line parents’ effort to guide their chil­dren in an ever-chan­ging world, but whose foun­ding prin­ciples have not chan­ged much. The bond of love, loving and being loved, as well as mutual aid and auto­no­my, this rela­tion­ship of inde­pen­dence and inter­de­pen­dence will always be at the heart of our species.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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