When you start a new series.

I wan­ted to start a new series, but I don’t feel rea­dy to start it yet. I think my back­log is wei­ghing on my mind and pre­ven­ting me from moving for­ward. Of course, it’s not mis­sion impos­sible. I just have 8000 words to write to catch up 😆.

Any­way, I must say that the time to write a post varies from time to time. I think my wri­ting speed is around 100 words per minute. This is in semi-auto­ma­tic wri­ting mode. I think that if I were to choose a topic before star­ting to write, it would take me lon­ger, as I’d defi­ni­te­ly have to include research time in my wri­ting. That being said, auto­ma­tic wri­ting may not always be the ans­wer. It allows us to escape but it may suf­fer from a lack of inter­est for the rea­der. Sim­ply rea­ding the contents of a wan­de­ring brain is not neces­sa­ri­ly the most inter­es­ting thing. But how do jour­na­lists do it? These people write a lot of words eve­ry day, pro­ba­bly with the help of assis­tants, who knows?

Is the solu­tion wri­ting about a given topic? I’ve alrea­dy tes­ted this out and I must say that you still have to invest some time.


I’m Dan­ny (aka Coa­ch­Dan­ny). I have a pas­sion: humans. Come with me and take this minute eve­ry day to explore what’s going on today and why is it tren­ding. Click here to get your dai­ly thought right on time for break­fast.

Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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