When you’re alone.

Last week, I was able to enjoy a few days away with only my com­pu­ter equip­ment as com­pa­ny. In fact, I was alone for a rela­ti­ve­ly short per­iod of time. First and fore­most, I believe that lone­li­ness is also rela­tive. You have to dif­fe­ren­tiate bet­ween being alone and fee­ling alone. These are two com­ple­te­ly dif­ferent things, although the first can lead to the second, but the reverse is quite rare.

The fee­ling of lone­li­ness comes from within. It appears when we can’t find an ans­wer to our own need for exis­tence. We mightn’t feel alone even if we are in fact alone in life. Of course, I can’t go fur­ther than arti­fi­cial lone­li­ness because true lone­li­ness would ins­tead come to reach that of The Lit­tle Prince by Saint-Exu­pé­ry. To exist without having the know­ledge that others also share this rea­li­ty. Today, it is neces­sa­ry to create this situa­tion. Lone­li­ness is the­re­fore arti­fi­cial because even if you go on an expe­di­tion to Mars, you will know that others exist. So even if we iso­late our­selves for a few days, far from our loved ones, we can still feel alone.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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