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When it’s a ques­tion of survival.

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This is the seventh in a series of posts reflec­ting on our willin­gness to remem­ber and the qua­li­ty of that know­ledge. These posts should be read in order of publi­ca­tion. Star­ting with num­ber six, for example, would make no sense to the rea­der. Hap­py reading!

This conflict bet­ween depen­dence on nature and this false inde­pen­dence offe­red by tech­no­lo­gy has been cru­cial in human evo­lu­tion. By nature, unable to live with the uncer­tain­ty that life offe­red, humans qui­ck­ly crea­ted cer­tain depen­den­cies on technology.

For example, the manu­fac­ture of rudi­men­ta­ry tools such as the oldo­wan, a cut­ting tool, the aim being to use the sharp­ness of the tool, could often have been made from raw mate­rial found near water­ways, but the absence of this mate­rial may have given our ances­tors the idea of brin­ging this tool with them on their tra­vels. The price to pay for trans­por­ting it had to be seen in the very short term as a les­ser evil com­pa­red to not having the tool. Kee­ping the tool could also bring about a notion of reflec­tion on its effec­ti­ve­ness by com­pa­ring it with other attempts at manu­fac­tu­ring. You could also believe that the tech­niques would have impro­ved and been trans­mit­ted by mimi­cry and pos­si­bly by non-ver­bal and then ver­bal language.

Canto tallado 2-Guelmim-Es Semara

Of course, the addi­tio­nal effort requi­red for trans­port must have qui­ck­ly become a chal­lenge. With all this weight to car­ry, humans had to start rea­li­zing that they were limi­ted in what they could do.

To be continued…


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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