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When there’s no fire.

I lis­te­ned to this while wri­ting this post, try it while you read :o)

This is the second in a series of posts reflec­ting on our willin­gness to remem­ber and the qua­li­ty of that know­ledge. These posts should be read in order of publi­ca­tion. Star­ting with num­ber six, for example, would make no sense to the rea­der. Hap­py reading!

So we were saying that our sur­vi­val was at stake in terms of our abi­li­ty to remem­ber. Is this the case? Let’s look at a few scenarios.

You leave the com­fort of your tem­pe­rate-cli­mate region and move to a fara­way land with a harsh and icy cli­mate. With the view to use tech­no­lo­gy to keep warm, would you know how to fix it qui­ck­ly if it fai­led? In many cases, this can be more com­pli­ca­ted than unblo­cking a clog­ged chim­ney or sim­ply dea­ling with fire­wood that is a lit­tle too wet. Would you even know how to make a fire? Without a match or ligh­ter? Would you have time to make sure the flames never went out and that you could keep the fire going all the time?

The art of gene­ra­ting heat is essen­tial to life. Whe­ther through fire or an elec­tri­cal and geo­ther­mal source, we could not live long without heat.

I chal­lenge you, for fun or to convince you of your abi­li­ties, to start a fire using ele­ments found in nature.

John Plant, a pas­sio­nate sur­vi­va­list in the purest sense of the word, shows us how, from nothing, apart from what nature can offer a human without any tech­no­lo­gy, we can suc­ceed in mee­ting basic human needs.

To be continued…


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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