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When you have to move on.

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Vir­tual Pro­gress is the vir­tual ver­sion of Pro­gress, a confe­rence focu­sed on social advances and see­king to gene­rate inno­va­tion and change. Although I com­ple­te­ly agree with the content, I believe that to make change and pro­gress, an event seems somew­hat inade­quate. Let me explain.

Change must be on a dai­ly basis. When we talk about change, we’re not tal­king about undoing and then redoing, but rather about impro­ving things. It is rare that we are wrong and that we have to do a 180 on our­selves in order to reverse. Huma­ni­ty has had its rare moments of serious mis­takes, like sla­ve­ry, for example. Howe­ver, these moments are quite rare.

To unders­tand this well, I will use the example of sla­ve­ry. We have not adjus­ted sla­ve­ry by modi­fying it a lit­tle to the left or a lit­tle to the right, we eli­mi­na­ted it alto­ge­ther. The place of women also underwent a long revo­lu­tion to, if we look at the big pic­ture, do a 180. Never again will the modern man or woman see the concept of a woman as we did in the dis­tant past.

The envi­ron­ment will even­tual­ly suf­fer the same fate and per­haps other aspects, but for the ave­rage earth­ling, the small changes must be the object of dai­ly pro­gress rather than for­cing great revo­lu­tions on all subjects.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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