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When you have to get back into a routine

I lis­te­ned to this while wri­ting this post, try it while you read :o)

This post is the ninth of a series of ten posts about cer­tain aspects of our lives during the COVID-19 cri­sis. These posts must be read in order, star­ting with the 6th post would make abso­lu­te­ly no sense to the rea­der. Enjoy rea­ding and above all, enjoy reflecting.

If the shock were too great, the para­ly­sis could cripple the most gul­lible among us, des­troying the foun­da­tions of their dee­pest beliefs in one swift motion.

The figh­ters will choose dif­ferent tar­gets. They will have this in com­mon, having a tar­get to unload their anger from losing their bea­rings and their peace of mind. Like beasts waking up from a deep sleep, they will want only one thing, to fall back into the arms of Mor­pheus in order to pea­ce­ful­ly end their exis­tence. This anger moti­va­ted by fear was well-des­cri­bed by one of the grea­test sages of the 20th cen­tu­ry who said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate…leads to suf­fe­ring.» – Mas­ter Yoda

In this case, Mas­ter Yoda was tal­king about figh­ters who would refuse to flee in the face of fear. This stra­te­gy would also be doo­med to fail. Why is that? How could scat­te­red and disor­ga­ni­sed fac­tions with no real power of action come to grips with an orga­ni­sed or invi­sible ene­my? How could frag­men­ted mili­tias get their own way without a stra­te­gic coun­cil in charge? His­to­ry has too often taught us that uni­ty and dis­ci­pline are the strength of vic­to­rious armies.

To be conti­nued tomorrow…


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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