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When you have to get back into a routine

I lis­te­ned to this while wri­ting this post, try it while you read :o)

Here is a series of ten posts about cer­tain aspects of our lives during the COVID-19 cri­sis. These posts must be read in order, star­ting with the 6th post would make abso­lu­te­ly no sense to the rea­der. Enjoy rea­ding and above all, enjoy reflecting.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been reflec­ting on what this Covid cri­sis has brought or taken away from us. It is now time to turn that page and see what it has left behind. Let’s take a few moments to think about it. As this cri­sis unfol­ded, we went through dif­ferent stages. Let’s have a look at which ones.


It all began with, as with all huma­ni­ta­rian crises, an under­lying dor­mant fear. We are afraid of eve­ry­thing. Although some people may pride them­selves on not being afraid of any­thing, when I say “we”, I mean a great “We”, all of us toge­ther. Indi­vi­dual­ly, we have a great power of inno­va­tion, cri­ti­cism and judg­ment, but our group offers us a sense of secu­ri­ty, moti­va­tion and per­se­ve­rance because of peer pres­sure. If the group moves for­ward, we move for­ward, if it wal­lows in iner­tia, we accept it, and if it panics, we panic.

Let’s take an example. Whe­ther you were enjoying your pre­vious life or not, a strange breeze began to blow. It had a fun­ny fee­ling in it that made you feel uncomfortable.

To be conti­nued tomorrow…


I’m Dan­ny (aka Coa­ch­Dan­ny). I have a pas­sion: humans. Come with me and take this minute eve­ry day to explore what’s going on today and why is it tren­ding. Click here to get your dai­ly thought right on time for break­fast.

Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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