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When you feel lonely

Today, I feel lone­ly. Let’s see why. You’ll remem­ber that I use this blog a bit like a dia­ry. Well, here’s a more per­so­nal entry. Today, I feel like I’m alone. Not phy­si­cal­ly alone in the world, but alone in my sense of belon­ging. Like in the expres­sion “out of sight, out of mind”, even if I know that other people share my ques­tio­ning or opi­nion, it appears that, in my sur­roun­dings, I am alone in asking myself these ques­tions. Why?

First­ly, because this kind of thin­king is somew­hat taboo. It is the­re­fore not prac­ti­sed or neces­sa­ri­ly appre­cia­ted. Thin­king that ques­tions a sys­tem that is wor­king and which is based on phi­lo­so­phi­cal let­ting go. Yet, “why” is a very popu­lar ques­tion, both at work and at home, but the search for the true ans­wer requires signi­fi­cant effort and the choice to opt for a rea­dy-made solu­tion is often the most popu­lar. (Fast food?)

Second­ly, not tal­king to my loved ones is a per­so­nal choice, so I am aware of my lone­li­ness. This type of thin­king, although for almost eve­ryone, can­not be done at any time. For example, my part­ner is spor­ty. If she invi­ted me to run a 20 km race with her, without the pos­si­bi­li­ty of an emer­gen­cy exit or of being able to with­draw, or of going back, I would be at great risk of inju­ring myself or even put­ting my life in dan­ger. The same goes for the mind. I can impose com­plex rea­so­ning on a friend who does not engage in this type of expe­rience in the same way that a child is not taught abs­tract mathe­ma­ti­cal theo­rems from the outset.

So I’m going to go and make myself a nice hot cho­co­late and hope­ful­ly, I’ll find some com­fort in it. What about you?


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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