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When we look for the right time to give

Have you ever won­de­red what “giving” real­ly means? Let’s think about it. Accor­ding to Wiki­pe­dia, a dona­tion is an act of gif­ting someone some­thing without recom­pense. There is a small pre­ci­sion which high­lights that the donor should act without ful­filling any form of obli­ga­tion other than their moti­va­tion. Is that what our belo­ved social net­works and our gene­ral socie­ty are proposing?

First of all, I believe that reques­ting dona­tions dis­torts the concept itself. Even if the request is made through an inter­me­dia­ry, I still don’t think it is cor­rect. Second­ly, a pro­mo­tio­nal gift or dona­tion equal­ly, in my opi­nion, mere­ly diverts the concept. My phi­lan­thro­py post talks a lit­tle bit about this. https://coachdanny.ca/2019/11/15/nationalphilanthropyday-solomotivation-fridayfeeling-2/

Final­ly, let’s look at the receiver’s point of view. In my opi­nion, recei­ving a dona­tion should be defi­ned by the context itself. Take the fol­lo­wing example. You’re wal­king in the forest and you fall on an apple tree or other fruit tree. Seeing these apples trig­gers an appe­tite that was about to arise, but which was wai­ting for the right moment. You see a sign on the tree that says, “Help your­self, I’m hap­py for you to take some.” Isn’t it won­der­ful that both the gift and the recei­ver are brought toge­ther by chance? The fact is that the apple tree is the work of a good Sama­ri­tan, who eve­ry week passes by and tends to their tree so that it can offer tas­ty fruit to any passers-by.

The moral of this sto­ry is that, in my opi­nion, a true gift will always be given without the donor and the recei­ver ever being in contact. The for­mer being moti­va­ted by their simple gene­ro­si­ty and the lat­ter, free of the weight that can come about from the hum­ble­ness of accep­ting a gift.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

Trans­la­tion by Abbie Sims: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsims/

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