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When something’s a piece of cake

Let’s go back to what I was saying about a family’s libra­ry. Let’s go for it. In this post –https://coachdanny.ca/2019/11/21/greysanatomy-solomotivation-thursdaythoughts-2/ – last Thurs­day, I told you about the impor­tance, in my opi­nion, of kee­ping a copy of cer­tain refe­rence works at your dis­po­sal. So why? Who among us would be able to use a com­pu­ter without elec­tri­ci­ty? Of course, some people may tell me that they would use a self-contai­ned ener­gy source, etc. Would they real­ly, though?

In all serious­ness, the spread of know­ledge by word of mouth dates back to when the human race was able to use some form of lan­guage. Of course, before that, mimi­cry was the only way to share your know­ledge with ano­ther indi­vi­dual, and so on and so forth. After this came dra­wing, wri­ting, and the like. These forms of com­mu­ni­ca­tion have the advan­tage of not having to neces­sa­ri­ly depend on memo­ry. Digi­tal media is mere­ly an exten­sion of prin­ted media.

My conclu­sion is that from the moment we can write and read a com­mon lan­guage, be it Chi­nese, English or Spa­nish, prin­ted media is acces­sible to vir­tual­ly eve­ryone, without requi­ring spe­ci­fic tech­ni­cal know­ledge or having to rely on tech­no­lo­gy that may be beyond our com­pre­hen­sion. This is why a phy­si­cal prin­ted libra­ry of works seems to be a good way to local­ly contri­bute to safe­guar­ding human know­ledge. There is not much point in having the latest edi­tion, a colour copy from 1995 can do the job just as well, at a very affor­dable cost if it is second-hand, even if its condi­tion is not perfect.

Sor­ry about the cake tag, it’s a pro­per high­jack :o)


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