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When you go with the flow

I’m far from cer­tain that this day real­ly exists, but who can decide other­wise? Let’s see. You won’t find much lite­ra­ture on Natio­nal Prin­cess Day. Howe­ver, you will find seve­ral people and mes­sages poin­ting it out. In my opi­nion, some­thing can exist from the moment someone wants it to. Here are some defi­ni­tions of the word exist. To have life, to live, to have objec­tive rea­li­ty, to occur, to be tra­ceable in time or space. To have a rea­li­ty. To have impor­tance, to have value.

Our co-inter­net users need no more than this last defi­ni­tion to make this day in ques­tion exist. Add to this a hint of a sense of belon­ging and you will even­tual­ly have an offi­cial day. In fact, didn’t the majo­ri­ty of popu­lar move­ments start this way? We dis­co­ver, we try, we love, we adopt, and we even­tual­ly spread somew­here else. The more intense the object in ques­tion, the more qui­ck­ly it will recur.

So if we believe mar­ke­ting experts, nothing can replace the qua­li­ty of the pro­duct you make avai­lable. Its suc­cess will come first­ly thanks to the qua­li­ty of its nature. So, hap­py Natio­nal Prin­cess or Prince Day, I sup­pose? :o)


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