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When a word says more than you think

Have you ever loo­ked at the defi­ni­tion of phi­lan­thro­py? Let’s have a look. It’s ama­zing what you can find by sim­ply doing some research. On one hand, we have a defi­ni­tion of phi­lan­thro­py that is lin­ked to the love of huma­ni­ty. In my opi­nion, the pre­fix “phil” and the suf­fix “anthro­py” des­cribe the word quite well. On the other hand, we can talk about sel­fless­ness. To your know­ledge, this means beha­ving without taking your own inter­ests into consi­de­ra­tion. Inter­es­tin­gly enough, the French word for sel­fless­ness (dés­in­té­res­se­ment) can also mean disin­te­rest, i.e. not taking an inter­est or paying atten­tion to any­thing or anyone. Rather stri­king, no?

How can you love some­thing while at the same time have a hove­ring fee­ling of disin­te­rest? Obvious­ly, we’re playing with words here, but is that real­ly the case? In my humble opi­nion, the grea­test phi­lan­thro­pist is none other than God. God repre­sents the uni­ver­sal and eter­nal guar­dian. But how does he show us his love on a dai­ly basis? Some sacred books have the ans­wer to that, but real­ly, on a dai­ly basis, don’t we have the free will that allows us to indi­vi­dual­ly make our own choices and learn?

If this day becomes humanity’s Valentine’s Day, well, so be it. But is it appropriate?


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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