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When free­dom is relative

Free­dom. When I look at these idols that are ours, I need to stop and have a thought for them. Let’s see what. Dog­mas and group men­ta­li­ty seem to be a good oppor­tu­ni­ty to demons­trate how much people want their hands and feet to be tied. But are they aware of it, even in the sligh­test? Socrates’ Alle­go­ry of the Cave paints a beau­ti­ful pic­ture of this and reminds us that this pro­blem did not appear just recently.

People need lea­ders, for the simple rea­son that it is easier to be gui­ded than to guide your­self. Ima­gine how hor­rible it would be to have to make your own deci­sions and have to poten­tial­ly jus­ti­fy them. So we let our­selves be car­ried in a world where we leave our true judg­ment to others.

Our idols, when consu­med to the extreme, become objects of our insa­tiable desire and trans­form, willin­gly, into cir­cus ani­mals in cage. I salute their sacri­fice for our enjoy­ment and the fact that they com­ple­te­ly give up their indi­vi­dual free­dom reminds me of how much I care for mine. A pic­ture game, an illu­sion, that’s all it is.


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