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When the Sys­tem com­forts us

Today, this tag is cir­cu­la­ting, taking our kids to work. But what job exact­ly? Let’s see. Once again, we are lul­led by the sweet sound of the Sys­tem. I would have liked to find a less com­mon name for the Sys­tem, but what would you like? At the risk of beco­ming somew­hat confu­sing, I find that name suits it quite well. What could be bet­ter than brin­ging our kids to work? First of all, it fills us with pride but also with joy, to be able to get our off­spring inter­es­ted in our main dai­ly occu­pa­tion, but also, to be able to evolve the futures of our lit­tle acolytes.

Per­so­nal­ly, I don’t see the point. I’m told that I was brought to work once, but I have no memo­ry that sticks in my mind. It goes without saying that mis­sing a school day to go to work is an oppor­tu­ni­ty not to be mis­sed, but once again, that’s all it is. You can ima­gine how much bet­ter this time could be inves­ted and at the same time, avoid encou­ra­ging the same old model, but encou­rage inno­va­tion. “Keep a close eye on people’s work”, would we say to our child. “What do you see that you think could be bet­ter?” After all, kids always speak the truth, don’t they?


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