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When rea­son works, but not all the time

Remem­ber that we are all human. We must make do. Let’s see how. First­ly, vio­lence is a way of expres­sing an emo­tion. For many of us, it is the way that we pre­fer over others. A bit like choo­sing a means of trans­por­ta­tion for a dai­ly trip. Human dyna­mics gene­rate emo­tions in us, and nature has given us the means to manage these emo­tions. A defi­ni­tion of vio­lence is the use of force or power, phy­si­cal or psy­cho­lo­gi­cal, to coerce, domi­nate, kill, des­troy or damage. This defi­ni­tion seems valid enough even though, as usual, Wiki­pe­dia is far from having an equal trans­la­tion bet­ween ver­sions in dif­ferent lan­guages. I do not pre­fer it to the English defi­ni­tion, which is limi­ted to, “The use of phy­si­cal force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.”

In both cases, the defi­ni­tions seem to be either incom­plete or too spe­ci­fic. In the case of the for­mer, we can confirm the dif­ferent cases:

  • The use of [phy­si­cal] force to [coerce]
  • The use of [phy­si­cal] force to [domi­nate]
  • The use of [phy­si­cal] force to [kill]
  • The use of [phy­si­cal] force to [des­troy]
  • The use of [phy­si­cal] force to [damage]
  • The use of [psy­cho­lo­gi­cal] force to [coerce]
  • The use of [psy­cho­lo­gi­cal] force to [domi­nate]
  • The use of [psy­cho­lo­gi­cal] force to [kill]
  • The use of [psy­cho­lo­gi­cal] force to [des­troy]
  • The use of [psy­cho­lo­gi­cal] force to [damage]

I don’t know about you, but this all seems to be a strange defi­ni­tion. What would be yours?


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Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence

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