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When we make up for lost time

Can we real­ly lose time? Let’s dive in. In my opi­nion, the mea­ning we give to the word lose can to apply to eve­ry situa­tion. No mat­ter what, we will never be able to find the time that we lose. But how do we deter­mine that the time inves­ted in one task is worth more than in ano­ther? It’s all a ques­tion of ROI. Return on invest­ment is the key to saving time. Pas­sing time is like flo­wing money. We can either leave it to lie dor­mant or spend it; with­draw an imme­diate plea­sure or invest in a ven­ture that will give you more of a return in the future.

Let’s look at an example. Inves­ting $1,000 in Apple stock in 1980 would leave us with $272,000 today. At that time, this would have repre­sen­ted a value of $87,400. So, inves­ting with a view to having a lar­ger return than the ini­tial invest­ment is what we hope for. When it comes to time, how can you make this return on invest­ment? And is it pos­sible to leave an inhe­ri­tance of time?

Keep this in mind and we can come back to it in a future blog post. Take the time to real­ly think about it.


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