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When a tag teaches us something

I did not know that the events of Sep­tem­ber 11, 2001 had their own day. Patriot Day. Let’s dive in. Like all of us, I vivid­ly remem­ber that day. It gene­ra­ted an emo­tion strong enough to fore­ver engrain a memo­ry in our minds. Even though I am not an Ame­ri­can citi­zen, as a nor­thern neigh­bour, we share a com­mon his­to­ry and these events, which were beyond hor­ror itself, have defied all logic. I have alrea­dy spo­ken about the conse­quences of losing all rea­son during a conflict. This situa­tion is a demons­tra­tion of this.

Ima­gine for a moment that we have access to eve­ryone on Earth’s minds. We would be able to figure out the conun­drum that led us to this rea­li­ty. What would we find? I ima­gine we would be up against humanity’s grea­test mis­take; the weak­ness of our mind. This is the only rea­son that can explain such a disas­ter. Our fai­lure to unders­tand our­selves and to make ran­dom people pay the price. 

The­re­fore, I will repeat the sta­te­ment seen on social net­works: “Never for­get”. But is that all we can do to make it up to those who paid such a hea­vy price? I don’t think so.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com

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