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When two tags real­ly com­ple­ment each other

Life is good some­times. Today’s two tags are food for thought. Let’s see why. The fear of dif­fe­rence (Xeno­pho­bia) is some­thing that applies to many moments of human life. From ear­ly child­hood, through school, and final­ly, in many social and wor­king envi­ron­ments, bea­ring in mind what the future holds, situa­tions where dif­fe­rences are expo­sed are omni­present. At first, visual dif­fe­rences create an ini­tial reac­tion. I would dare to think that these reac­tions are part­ly bio­lo­gi­cal. They are so wides­pread across the world that exclu­ding this theo­ry would be illo­gi­cal. Then come the intel­lec­tual differences. 

As far as I’m concer­ned, the lat­ter are those that take up most of my time. I see them eve­ry day. I put up with them too. Eve­ry day, I have to prac­tice mana­ging my tole­rance levels of dif­fe­rences of opi­nion bet­ween mine and others. Lit­tle by lit­tle, I conti­nue lear­ning to manage these differences.

There is no more mar­vel­lous place than school to start lear­ning to handle these dif­fe­rences. The first day of school real­ly is a beau­ti­ful day.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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