#SoloMotivation #FridayMotivation

When we take control over the passing time Have you tried another breakdown of Wednesday’s experiment https://coachdanny.ca/2019/08/28/solomotivation-wednesdaymotivation-22/? Let’s try and come to a conclusion. So far, my favourite breakdown is diving the hour into 4. The reason is very simple; everything (or almost everything) is a multiple of 2. I…

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#SoloMotivation #ThursdayMotivation

When we become aware of passing time Did you try yesterday’s experiment https://coachdanny.ca/2019/08/28/solomotivation-wednesdaymotivation-22/? What did you discover? It’s interesting, no? To give an example, dividing your hours into 4 gives you blocks of 15 minutes. You have therefore multiplied your time slots by 4. It may sound ridiculous because the…

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#SaveSpiderMan #AmazonRainforest #SoloMotivation

When two tags are contradictory Save the Amazon rainforest or save Spiderman? That’s the question. How to choose? It would seem that considering both rescue operations directly and indirectly, they seem illogical. But are they really? Firstly, we have quite a down-to-earth position. Although I am of deterministic fatalism, that…

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