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Yes­ter­day, I tal­ked about a police offi­cer who ter­mi­na­ted his life due to a post-trau­ma­tic syn­drome. Let’s think about this. Police offi­cers have not the same res­pect in eve­ry coun­try. What I can say is that law enfor­ce­ment is com­po­sed of people that share the same culture as all of us. They come from fami­lies in our neigh­bou­rhoods, they are the sons and daugh­ters of friends and citi­zens around us.

As per­fec­tion is not part of this world, we must accept that socie­ty is the slo­west enti­ty to evolve on our pla­net. Groups take time to change, and socie­ty is the most signi­fi­cant group that we may observe. That said, what hap­pens when two cultures are mixed toge­ther, when social dif­fe­rences are present and when people live on the same land but do not share the same culture? It may bring some fric­tion to law forces, that base their jud­ge­ment on their own culture, and beha­viours of the other culture.

Wha­te­ver, we must make eve­ry­thing we can to make it work. We must unders­tand that we are not robots. We can­not be pro­gram­med or repro­gram­med. We must evolve slow­ly like eve­ry living form on this pla­net. Stop encou­ra­ging this culture of joking or bul­lying law forces and start consi­de­ring them as allies and friends of your com­mu­ni­ty. They are the rea­son why you can walk around in public areas and feel as safe as pos­sible, even if the people wea­ring the uni­form are not per­fect, the concept is the best we have. Cities are not the far west. They are not the ene­my, they try to find it and stop it. The ene­my can take mul­tiple forms, and they are the people who must deal with it.


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