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When the world is fol­lo­wing your strategy

Ama­zon. This titan of the mar­ket­place. Let’s think about this. Ama­zon was once ago a book store on the inter­net. Through time, it crea­ted a vast empire that now rules the Inter­net, as we know it today. Today is the prime day at Ama­zon. I read some articles about this spe­cial busi­ness day, and I find it inter­es­ting that Ama­zon counts pret­ty much on it as a part of his glo­bal mar­ket strategy.

This stra­te­gy has a lot to teach us, as it is an excellent example of concrete action made by a com­pa­ny to make mar­ket shares even bet­ter. On a cus­to­mer point of view, we need to unders­tand that this stra­te­gy is part of making us react and pur­chase goods but also to make us respond and pro­vide vital infor­ma­tion to Ama­zon. The giant has nothing spe­cial com­pa­red to its com­pe­ti­tors, but it is the first one to be able to create this kind of digi­tal events.

Now, whoe­ver you are or whe­re­ver you are in the world, you may alrea­dy have heard about this spe­cial day. What you need to decide is, will you react to this stra­te­gy? If you’re the kind of per­son who doesn’t like to share your pri­va­cy over the inter­net, I would recom­mend not to respond to it. If you don’t care about sha­ring your pri­va­cy, at least in some ano­ny­mous way, it may be a good thing for you as a cus­to­mer. Ama­zon has the will to sell you stuff. They must unders­tand what makes you hap­py, what could make you pur­chase some­thing, and at which price will you go for the transaction.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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