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When the world seems too small

We often hear about the world’s over­po­pu­la­tion. Let’s think about this a moment. Most of the time, I’m a sys­tem thin­ker. Living sys­tems, bio­lo­gi­cal or arti­fi­cial, have this won­der­ful capa­ci­ty to auto-regu­late them­selves. In my point of view, intel­li­gence (the ones we des­cribe when spea­king about humans) has nothing to do with it. For sure, it can impact the whole sys­tem, but should it hap­pen, it will hap­pen, just a mat­ter of scale.

Let’s look at his­to­ry. Accor­ding to Wiki­pe­dia, WWII (1945), Mass killings of land­lords under Mao Zedong (1951), Atlan­tic slave trade (the 1700s) and Great Chi­nese famine (1958) were top anthro­po­ge­nic disas­ters. The site pre­sents an exhaus­tive list of all fai­lures in human his­to­ry. My first reflex would to link these with the world popu­la­tion at that time and see if a cor­re­la­tion exists. Ano­ther thing I would explore would be the human scien­ti­fic and beha­viou­ral evo­lu­tion com­pa­red to human popu­la­tion growth.

I feel the over­po­pu­la­tion can bring size pro­blem we didn’t have in the past. For example, super cities may be some­thing we need to enhance; it was not part of our his­to­ry yet. I would also look at gene­ral life qua­li­ty in big cities in com­pa­ri­son with world popu­la­tion vs spe­ci­fic cities popu­la­tion. I would hypo­the­size that over­po­pu­la­tion is mixed with over­crow­ded ter­ri­to­ries. Anyone, to do the research?


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