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When life is not as you want

Living toge­ther is some­thing hard. But it remains the best we can expect. Let’s see why. Let’s ima­gine living on your own. In a capi­ta­list world, it could be pos­sible. Without any contact with anyone, you get somew­here, pick what you need, pay for it and then live your life. It may sound great for someone who has eve­ry­thing it wants, but let me present you the cruel reality.

Living total­ly by our own would des­troy socie­ty, as we know it. We are sociable crea­tures, and we grow and evolve by our inter­ac­tions with others. Even if these inter­ac­tions are not plea­sant all the time, these crises we live is part of our path to a super­ior being. The same way being in contact with germs, bac­te­ria and virus, if consu­med in tiny quan­ti­ty, it makes our sys­tem being stron­ger and deve­lops our self-defence.

Rela­tion­ships work pret­ty much the same. We need some small crises with our friends and fami­ly to deve­lop our sense of cri­sis mana­ge­ment. Mas­te­ry comes with prac­tice. Living in a world where the sky is always pink and uni­corn fly eve­ryw­here is not a viable option, and we need to accept it.


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