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When the topic of the day makes you smile

UFOs are real­ly inter­es­ting. Let’s jump into this. UFOs, whe­ther they are asso­cia­ted with a life form, from our pla­net or not (etc., etc., etc.), they are a source of many talks, pas­sions and fears. Like any other topics, they inter­est a consi­de­rable num­ber of people, and they leave bored a vast majo­ri­ty of others. Why is that? Well, the ans­wer is because there is nothing spe­cial there. Let’s break it in some pieces.

UFOs as a threat. Tell me 10 other sources that are a menace to huma­ni­ty. Point me just one of these sources that makes una­ni­mi­ty on the secu­ri­ty plan. Well? The ans­wer is none. That’s a fact, the dan­ger is rela­ted to risk eva­lua­tion. And usual­ly, people adopt a sub­jec­tive approach. No consen­sus here.

UFOs as sal­va­tion. Should it be a mes­sage of hope, or scien­ti­fi­cal­ly proof of some­thing, tell me 10 other sources of…you get the point.

I would go like this for eve­ry block, the rea­li­ty wouldn’t change. People don’t care that much. It makes good Sci­Fi movies, though. So, let’s just make sure we have a damn good detec­tion sys­tem for outer space and close atmos­phere. This way, we will be able to mea­sure a lot of stuff, inclu­ding poten­tial­ly inco­ming UFOs, but also many more other things.


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