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When socie­ty decides when you should take a break

This is per­fect. Do you get it when I’m tel­ling you we are pas­sive? Let’s think about this. Natio­nal holi­days are impor­tant. Howe­ver, it turns out that they are most appre­cia­ted, not for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cele­brate the holi­day itself, but to escape for one day our work­load. Don’t you think it is sad? The Sys­tem needs eve­ryone at their seat to be per­fect. Whe­ne­ver someone is not where it is sup­po­sed to be, you start hea­ring com­ments about it. “Where is John?” or “John is not there yet?” When John is get­ting to the office, the first thing John will hear will be about this. John could ask: “What did I miss? Any­thing requi­red my pre­sence?” You know the ans­wer. People will argue about the fact that it is all about res­pect and will try the guil­ty card to makes you feel like crap. I say, bullshit.

What I want from my col­leagues are loyal­ty and trust­ful­ness. I want them to be able to count on me the same way I want to be able to rely on them. Call me at mid­night if I can make the dif­fe­rence, but don’t call me at 2 pm just to know where I am. Moreo­ver, by the way, when I’m not there, don’t pay me, that’s sound logic. Don’t pay me as well if I’m there and do nothing use­ful. Pay me for the value I create, or I’m trying to.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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