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When moti­va­tion leads to results

Today is my hun­dredth blog post. Many went through these posts, not hun­dreds, but I hope eve­ry rea­der found some­thing among­st these words. Let’s dive into this. Almost two years ago, I began my exit from the Sys­tem. Eve­ry day is a fight against its temp­ta­tions, and it wants me to come back. The Sys­tem che­rishes eve­ry one of us, has a place for each one and will never sur­ren­der its power over our lives. The Sys­tem was there all the time. For as long as we can go back in human his­to­ry, it was there, taking care of us. Howe­ver, what is this Sys­tem I’m always tal­king about?

To ans­wer this ques­tion, you may need to stop here your rea­ding and go learn a lot on human. The way we evol­ved our way out of the ani­mal rei­gn. What remains from this pri­mi­tive state and we made us dif­ferent. Then you may want to unders­tand our dee­pest moti­va­tion. My first men­tor was Abra­ham Mas­low on this aspect. Ano­ther men­tor was Adam Smith, with its less famous theo­ry of moral sen­ti­ments. After that, you will need to learn how people are beha­ving toge­ther. I hope I may be a trig­ger for you on your inter­est in human beings. I can’t enu­me­rate eve­ry people I cros­sed in my life that got me each day clo­ser to this pas­sion. The sum of these mee­tings got me where I am today.

So what is the Sys­tem? The Sys­tem is the sum of all past, present and future actions human made passively.

The Sys­tem is this time­line where past slow­ly fades away in our memo­ry and the fog of future sheets our inten­tions. Being pas­sive is the fuel of the Sys­tem. Being pas­sive means acting by ins­tinct. Being pas­sive means copying beha­viours and ideas. It means refu­sing to use your intel­li­gence to make your actions. A single post can’t even try to explain what it is, but lear­ning is a beginning.

Solo­Mo­ti­va­tion is a living source of infor­ma­tion where you will find conti­nuous­ly evol­ving content. At the time I’m wri­ting this post, it is still under construc­tion, but it should be laun­ched even­tual­ly if the time fac­tor plays for me.

 I’m quite satis­fied with my 20 weeks. Twen­ty weeks that led to a hun­dred posts. Back to last Februa­ry, I made my way five posts a week, some­times having a hard time kee­ping the pace, but never the pas­sion. So fol­low me in my next hun­dred posts, it should get us in November.

Let’s jump into it!


I’m Dan­ny (aka Coa­ch­Dan­ny). I have a pas­sion: humans. Come with me and take this minute eve­ry day to explore what’s going on today and why is it tren­ding. Click here to get your dai­ly thought right on time for break­fast.

Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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