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When life can be as simple as a Picnic

What is a Pic­nic? Is it still some­thing we should do? Let’s jump into this. Lyme disease and eve­ry other insect’s rela­ted disease are a kind of ter­ro­rism. We are war­ned eve­ry day of being on our guard of a cun­ning attack from these micro­sco­pic com­man­dos. For sure, being in contact with someone who contrac­ted the disease makes us think that dan­ger is there, somew­here. Howe­ver, should we stop going out? My first guess would be to ask this per­son to advise. What he or she would do? I think that his or her ans­wer would be: “Go out! Live your life as much as you can! You never know when a brick will fall on your head!”

That would be good advice. This is what I’m doing right now, I’m living my life as much as I can, in my opi­nion, and to my entire satis­fac­tion. Someone could say that I don’t have high needs, I’m okay with what I have. Time is my most pre­cious trea­sure; I can’t afford was­ting it. For all those who would like to have more of it, we should make sure we don’t spill it away on futile things. Maybe you should go for a picnic?


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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