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When half a loaf is bet­ter than no bread

For how long this saying should apply? Let’s dig into this. The sys­tem is half a loaf. This saying is tea­ching us that you should consi­der your­self lucky to have a por­tion of what you want because you risk having nothing by hoping for bet­ter. Hope never fed anyone. Right. Ok. This is cor­rect, but can it change through time? What if the world chan­ged and can now afford us full bread? Ok, tal­king about bread is kin­da strange for me as the French saying is more like “a thing you have is bet­ter than twice you are loo­king for.”

Do you get it? What if this saying would be there to sup­port an era of shor­tage, but it wouldn’t be requi­red. Even since a long time? Ok, I get that this post might be twis­ted, but ima­gine ratio­ning your­self, shor­te­ning your life and the one of your off­spring for no rea­son. What if ins­tead of your phy­si­cal health it would be your men­tal health?

The sys­tem is there, right, pro­vi­ding your half with the hap­pi­ness you may expect. I’m tel­ling you, this era is now over. You can get twice, or 10x more hap­pi­ness, way more than the sys­tem could pro­vide you. All you need is trust. Trust in yourself.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com  

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