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Today is the D Day anni­ver­sa­ry. I alrea­dy tal­ked about war and what it means as a human being. Let’s dive into this. The D Day is so much of our his­to­ry. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, we don’t talk about it enough. The first rea­son why we should talk about this is to avoid it in future. Unders­tan­ding that you may rea­li­gn your defi­ni­tion of sacrifice.

The world war was about giving free­dom back to people. I’m not an expert of this war, but from what I know about it, a group of people had in mind to rule over the entire world. What mad­ness could lead to such a plan? How could a coun­try be as blind as to wish for a world like this?

Sad­ly, logic can be a dan­ge­rous tool if you don’t have enough of it. Short­cuts, mind hack and bias can lead to group mani­pu­la­tion and what can hap­pen hap­pens. Being mani­pu­la­ted is usual­ly to your una­wa­re­ness and worst than that, you think that you are right and try to convince others to join your thinking.

That’s what hap­pe­ned before D Day, and that’s why it was so impor­tant to stop it through these sacrifices.


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