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When not only moti­va­tion is required

Sur­vey to the earth. Would you bicycle during win­ter? Let’s dive into this. As I was birth in a nor­thern coun­try, and to be clear, I consi­der “north” when you are clo­ser to the arc­tic circle than the tro­pic of can­cer. As I said, being born in a cold coun­try, where the tem­pe­ra­ture ave­rage goes from 9 to -1 C com­pa­red to New York that is more 17 to 9 C, I would say that even using a motor­cycle is not pos­sible. The pro­blem is not the moti­va­tion to use our bicycle. People here are usual­ly quite active. We like to play sports, do exer­cise out­side, even in win­ter, but going on the road, in a win­ter cli­mate is not probable.

Howe­ver, people still pur­chase sui­table bicycles for their sum­mer rides. They pay the same price but will only use them for a short per­iod or usual­ly for trai­ning and plea­sure. So, let’s get to a conclu­sion. Bicycle here is very well imple­men­ted for these two aspects but thrown in a good snows­torm, and your road becomes a real mess. Car and trucks have alrea­dy a hard time moving around; in my opi­nion, it would be chaos to add bicycle into this.

Maybe a pos­si­bi­li­ty would be to have an alter­nate road cir­cuit having small snow­plows remo­ving snows, but that would cost even more, and we alrea­dy suf­fer from work­force shortage. 


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com  

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