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When it is not about quitting

Today is the no tobac­co day. Let’s go dee­per. The more I read about tobac­co, the more it seems to be a toxic plant. Well, I’m no scien­tist, and I don’t have time to do my research. What I know is that some claim it to be medi­cine. Like drugs, it is a mat­ter of qua­li­ty and effect. If we see it as a medi­cine, you know that mixing drugs may lead to dan­ge­rous side effects. Smo­king tobac­co may not be the best way to consume it.

Any­way, this plant sounds to me too com­plex to include it in my life. Howe­ver, for those who are stuck with it, good luck quit­ting. From what I know, it requires a signi­fi­cant, changes in rou­tine to stop and a lot of mind control to keep away from it. A new job, new friends or moving to a new home may be required.

Howe­ver, as human, we don’t come to life with the taste for tobac­co. For those who didn’t consume some yet, don’t consume it. Its bio­lo­gi­cal effect on your body seems to be a bad recipe, crea­ting blood ano­ma­lies, heart rate change and rai­sing fatal heart pro­blems just be consu­ming it a single time.

True or false? For me, it does not mat­ter; I decide to manage risk by exclu­ding it from my life. I’ll found plea­sure and relaxa­tion somew­here else.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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