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When there is no space for everyone

Ima­gine that of your friend move to a new loca­tion. Your group of friends can help him moving its things. How many people is enough but more impor­tant­ly, how many people is too many? Let’s think about this. Some­times too many people on one work yard is a real pro­blem. There is a limit to the num­ber of people who can be invol­ved in a pro­ject. Time and space are limi­ted. We must make choices. Indi­vi­dual­ly. This is where you can decide, either you will contri­bute to a com­mon goal, or you can contri­bute to your own life.

I won’t go into a com­plex socie­ty ana­ly­sis and break­down, but a group has a limi­ted capa­ci­ty to manage its people. You may have alrea­dy expe­rien­ced it. You are on a group task, and coor­di­na­tion is defi­cient. You feel that you could do it on your own pret­ty much fas­ter. That’s what I’m tal­king about.

Now, being self-suf­fi­cient is not what I’m saying as well. Howe­ver, doing things for you before doing things for others may give you a bet­ter taste for life. This is where free moti­va­tion reside. Moti­va­tion should not depend on the needs of others. It leads to wrong emo­tio­nal pat­terns you don’t want to undergo.


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Sources: https://solomotivation.com   

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